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Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 HopOff ... The Southeast Division

Ahh, look how pretty this region is. Now for the beers:

Northern Lights

Definitely a beer geared towards the hippieset.

The first sip was … good. For some reason I always seems to trust hippies when they make beer and it’s an earned trust

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: I’d have a second one.

Zach: “hoppy”

This beer comes from Mark A. Thompson, so you know you’re in good hands.

Angi is saying wicked. I'm saying a light wicked, but more of a dandy. This one is right on the cusp of wickedness. It's the witch before the kids get to her house made of candy.

Jockamo (great name)

The first sip is … pretty good. Not as good as the last one

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: Happy to be drinking an IPA (this situation happened last night, and what she really said was a simple "thanks" when I handed it to her, oh, if she was only quick thinking enough to come up with a wise quip then).

Zach: I may have one or two. I’d hope that the person who brought this, brought something else as well for some nice beer rotation. There's nothing like a good beer rotation.

Definitely my favorite beer name, so as I’d drink this throughout a night, it’d def. get more and more fun. You can add the word "Jockamo" to just about any retort and it sounds funny.

FUN FACT PER ANGI: Cannibals don’t eat their victims brains because brains spread disease. This is pure hopoff knowledge.

I’m saying it’s dandy, Angi agrees.

Snake Dog

Real flashy label

The first sip … surprisingly good. I really didn’t expect it to be good, now get this ... getting back to my hippie theory, not that he’s a hippie, but Hunter S Thompson endorses this beer, or at least this company bought his quote to use. “Good people drink good beer”.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: I love the dog on the label

Zach: NOW, I’d be happy. In the past, I wouldn’t touch Flying Dog products with a 10 foot pool.


I’m giving this a dandy … Angi is saying wicked … She’s feeling HOPPY TONIGHT!!!!

Kashmir IPA

The first sip is … pretty disappointing, but it’s been a great night.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: If I was BRINGING this beer to a party, I’d be disappointed in myself.

Zach: like I was drinking a thicker Budweiser. This really isn’t that good.

I’m giving this a proficient, Angela is saying undemposed …

How good is the beer, when Angi no longer likes it and I have to drink the rest:

Good enough, because I finished her last sip.

Loose Cannon

The first sip is … damn … damn … damn … good stuff.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: Better than I thought it was going to be

Zach: Hooray, another win from the Southeast Atlantic

Angi would drink the rest of mine if I didn’t want it. Stop sweatin my beer Angela!

Angi is going b-a-n-a-n-a-s bananas over this beer.

I’m going wicked, and A says wicked as well.

This is very a unique IPA, def. stands above the rest of what I’ve had tonight so far.

Jai Alai

The home team!!!!

This is Tampa’s first IPA, or atleast, the only one to reach this tournament. It’s too bad we can’t go the the Tampa Bay Brewing Company and have the Old Elephant Foot, that's a comparison I'd like to make.

The first sip of this beer … is pretty unique.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: Proud that it was from Tampa

Zach: Tampa Represent! Represent!

It’s a good beer aside from the politics.

This really is Tampa’s best beer. That’s a wicked good beer. Another ocho for Zach, Angelica Houston says … wicked … not quite epiphanic


The first sip … quite good.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: This beer was very hyped, and from that hype, I’d be stoked and give hugs. I really like this beer.

Zach: Another great one from the southeast. I’m starting to feel that a southeastern IPA is good.

Both gone wicked

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA

Something actually coming out of Delaware which makes it the first thing to ever come out of Delaware.

The first sip … fucking awesome. This is a fantasmo beer.

If I was giving this beer at a party, I’d feel _________________________

Angi: I’d want to drink it on a weekend afternoon on a lawn chair

Zach: Scoibies!!!! There are very few other beers I’d rather have.

I’m epiphanic all the way. Angi is going epiphanic, but not as much as I am.

The Next Rounders

The Dogfish is going on

Jai Alai … on

Hopsecutioner …

Loose Cannon was the surprise

The New Category

We’ve decided to have a mid-grade next round in case we need fillers.

Avery moved to this level and it’s joined by

Snake Dog & Northern Lights

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