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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jack Torrance's Odds to Kill Index in the Shining

Being married to Shelly Duval's character: Odds to Kill: 750-1. See, it's bad right from the start.

Jack's psyche during the job interview: Odds to Kill 500-1. You can kind of tell that the interviewer could even say, "There's a good chance you'll end up killing your family" and Jack would still accept the position.

Jack Giving Up Alcohol: Odds to Kill 250-1. People always think "giving up drinking" is the answer, but for some people, it will simply make them insane.

Long Drive: Odds to Kill 100-1. You can tell Jack is already frustrated with the situation before he even gets there. You know you're going to be stuck in a hotel with just your wife and son for several months and you can't drink.

Indian Burial Ground: Odds to Kill 75-1. I'm not sure if this movie is where it begins or not, but the hotel is built on thee ol' Indian Burial Ground which is obviously a recipe for disaster.

The Confirmation of No Alcohol: Odds to Kill 50 to 1. When they finally get to the hotel, and it's confirmed that there is no alcohol on the premises, you can tell Jack isn't happy. The hotel hasn't even closed yet and his odds to kill are already 50 to 1. That's not good.

Condescension of Jack's Writing: Odds to Kill 25 to 1. When writing is the only thing Jack has for a few months, condescending it is probably not a good idea Shelly.

(I have to say this, but Stanley Kubrick's bird's eye view of the hedge maze is a freaking incredible shot).

TELEVISION: Odds to Kill back to 50-1. There is a TV! Sure, Jack doesn't really watch it month, that should make him a little saner, no?

Bothering Jack While He's Writing: Odds to Kill 25-1. Why would you bother this man while he's trying to write? Listen lady, you don't interrupt the creative flow.

Window Gazing With a Devious Look: Odds to Kill 20-1. If you're looking evilly out of a window, madness is coming.

Screaming While Sleeping At Typewriter: Odds to Kill 15-1. This isn't good at all. Screaming in your sleep is not good.

Imaginary Friends at an Adult Age: Odds to Kill 5-1. The ghost of the bartender serving him liquor should bring sanity with alcohol, but instead just descends Jack further into madness. This isn't good for anybody.

The Black Guy with the Shining Realizes It's Going to Happen: Odds to Kill 2-1. Now, it's really just a matter of being able to stop it.

Ghost Who Killed Family Tells Him to Kill Family: Odds are Even. If a ghost tells you to do something while you're crazy, you're probably going to end up doing it.

Jack Threatens Murder: Odds to Kill 1-5. When Jack says, "I'm not going to hurt you, just bash your brains in" it's time to leave.

Knocked Out By Baseball Bat: Odds are Even again. I still don't understand why Shelly doesn't take her kid and head into that all-terrain vehicle now because you know what's about to happen and that's …

Ghost Frees You From Being Locked Up: Odds to Kill 1-10. If you're freed by ghosts, you're going to kill somebody. That's some pretty insane shit.

Jack's Got an Ax: Odds to Kill 1-100. There's no way Jack isn't killing somebody with that ax, and yes, I guess it's the caretaker. What a great scene.

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