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Sunday, November 1, 2009

28. Internal Wrangler - Clinic

If you haven't heard this Year 2000 album, I highly recommend it. They def. have their own thing going on, and more important than that, is I have officially retired from spelling out the word definitely in any non-proofread piece of writing I do. Here's my problem with spelling it out:

Define is such an easy word to spell. It spells just like it sounds, and I like that. Tragically, when you turn it into its adverb form, the "E" turns into an "I" for some reason and better looking "ily" ending doesn't happen here. Basically, what happens to me, the dumb guy whom looks smart because he wears glasses, is I'm just not consistently correct enough when I spell it to warrant spelling it out all the time. What's even worse, is that many times, the size of the letters can be so small, that it gets hard to differentiate the "i", "t", (Oxford Comma) and "l". Sure, that's probably just my non-carrot eatin' bad eyesight ass talkin', but it's enough. So, I'm officially retiring the word definitely from my emails and non-proofed pieces. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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