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Sunday, November 1, 2009

27. Quality Control - Jurassic FIVE!

Turns out this is my second favorite rap album of the aughts, who knew? Though I pretty much love every single song on this album, two of my favorite parts are gimmicks.

Gimmick A, when the dude has his mom and dad talking after, "Jurass Finish First" ... Rappin' Rappin' Rappin'

Gimmick B, Cut Chemist meshing drumbeats from the 40s.

In all my musical studies, I'm still pretty much a big band virgin. I have not been able to get too much earlier than the 60s on a consistent basis, and what I know of the 40s and 50s is either that nice Hank Williams old-timey country, and that dirty John Lee Hooker-like blues.

Big Band in 2010. I'll be 35 and ready.

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