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Monday, November 9, 2009

22. Arular - M.I.A.

It must have been 2004, or the very early stages of 2005, when I heard MIA. She had that Piracy Funds Terrorism thing going on with Diplo and it bumped. I'm not one to love blasting music, but there was something special about that mix tape. Then I heard Arular and was completely blown away. "Pull Up the People" was pretty much a life changer. It was the first song I loved hearing at the Compound studio. Sure, no one else really liked it, but in a way, that made it more special. In 2005, MIA was my special treat. She was all mine. No one else liked her in my circle of friends, and somehow, that was a good thing.

There are some other classics on this one such as, "Fire Fire" and "Bucky Done Gun", and after that some other great tunes as well, and sure a couple of duds. And yes, on this album, the songs do all start to sound alike after awhile, but it's a veddy veddy unique sound.

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