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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20. Post War - M. Ward

I could talk about the seriousity of how this is the best Dubya War album ever, or discuss the newly released Monsters of Folk album. Let's see.

Well, thee very first song of the Folk album, by Mr. Ward, Yim Yames of Jacket fame, and Coner Oberst, of I wanna kick you in the nuts because you're such a great songwriter and still embody everything about hipster rock that I hate fame, falls right into the trap of, "Hey guys, let's exchange vocals and prophesize our views on God" on the first track! Gay. Yet, all 3 of these artists made my Top 20.

This only thing this could possibly mean, is you had three alpha dogs that are still pussy enough (read: respectful) to be submissive when recording with other musicians not named in a band they created. What's even funnier, is that there's a 4th member to this band who is as forgotten as the Jewish people who died in concentration camps during World War 2, once the oldest generation dies out. Not my problem.

So yeah, being trying to be offensive with a twist just ruined my train of thought. Post War has that rare fantastic status of being a great acoustic album. Love it. The aught in which it came out in, would not have been the same without it.

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