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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

18. You In Reverse - Built to Spill

I'm excited that I love their new album. My history with B2S (yes, I just created a wicked way of referring to them via typing (that I'm sure some hardcore B2S fan has already thought of, but I'm not that hard core so it doesn't matter)) is that I LOVE this album, but have never enjoyed anything previous. If that's grammatically correct, than Nastrovia! If it's not than GFY. The point being, is that I'm happy I like their new album. I don't know of B2S fans (and yes, by now I'm absolutely some fan must have typed those 3 keys togehter) enjoy the new shit, or pretend to enjoy it the way I would a newly over-produced Modest Mouse album.

These are one of less than 5 bands that can be involved in the conversation, "Modest Mouse Would Not Exist Without You" conversation, so I gots to give'em props, right? I don't know. Whatever they're doing know, they've reached a point in their lives where they're doing the exact thing I want to hear in my life.

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