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Friday, November 13, 2009

16. Echoes - The Rapture

Aside from some stumbling in the beginning (tracks 2 and 3), this is a perfect album. I'll never forget by birthday in 2 double aught 3. I purchased this on CD that day, which in itself is not only a forgotten medium, but a forgotten thing to do. The downside of the fall of the compact disc, is that I never "Go out to buy music" anymore.

One day Vinyl Fever will close and I will be sad. Just going out to the store, glancing through the used CD rack, glancing through the new CDs as well, hoping they'd have that rarity that wouldn't have to be ordered, the smell of incense, cool posters and t-shirts ... it's all going away.

It's the small metaphor of how as people we are going to become less and less social with society, as purchasing things online makes it all so much more convenient. Wow, I've never thought I'd be writing something promoting shopping, especially as Xmas nears, but here I am.

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