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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

50. The Mysterious Production of Eggs - Andrew Bird

I've decided my Top 50 albums of the past 10 years will be a combination of albums that are steeped in memories combined with acts that warrant mentioning. If I was on the deserted island and I could only take one album, I'd probably take a weaker Modest Mouse album over this one, but this will be the only time Andrew Bird makes my countdown. Hell, he's a good listener.

I decided I needed a really good hangover album in here, and really, it came down to either this or Beck's Sea Change. As much as I love Josh Beck, it's impossible for me to sit here and say his melancholy album is better than this. The reason why people love Sea Change so much is that it's such a change from Beck, and it is, but that doesn't mean it's better hangover music than Andrew Bird.

During the 2002 World Cup, back in the days that there was a slight chance I may have been cool, after a night at Yeoman's Road Pub, maybe a Toast show involved, or maybe not, we'd go back to Annie's place on Davis Island where I'd set her cats free and she dated Wayne. Aside from being a big Toast fan, two of Wayne's great attributes were that he turned me onto the Flaming Lips and Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire. Not only that, but this all happened after 4 am. Can you imagine even being conscious after 4 am nowadays? I can't, and here we were watching World Cup Soccer listening the Wayne Coyne and Andrew Bird. Great times. Oh, and Sea Change is your token "just not good enough to make the cut" album.

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