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Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Just Wanna Ride, To Get Inside, And Run Around Town Like Bonnie and Clyde

Anytime you can quote RUN DMC to seque into an unknown topic about a movie, you know it's going to be good, unlike a SEGWAY scooter gang, which has become the most annoying trend of the past couple years. It's happened to me now a few times, when I've been driving and I'll see several people uniting over the fact that they all have scooters. Have you seen these people? (Seinfeld moment) What's the deal with that? I've seen them in different age groups to, so it's not some annoying teenager movement as it should be. Anyhoo.

In what was my second viewing, I took so many things from Bonnie and Clyde. I realized Faye Dunaway is wicked hot. I had my first "wet blanket" moment in cinema history in that cheeka who played Gene Hackman's wife. I must have screamed, "Tell that bitch to chill" at my TV several times. This is my first major movie where villains are the protagonists, except for the fact it's not, but this one seems to take it a step further than any of its predecessors. How about this, this is the first movie where I was rooting for the bank robbers, no?

Speaking of robbing banks, how much easier was this to do in the 1930s? You see a movie like Heat and it's such an ordeal to plan and you need Jon Voight involved, but then you see this, and all you do is run inside, tell people it's a stick'em, have a getaway car ready, and hope banjo music starts playing in the background because once you hear the banjo music, you know it's a clean getaway. Well, either that or bad times by a river may not be too far behind, and again, Jon Voight is involved.

I wonder how much time elapsed in history between man building his first bank, and then robbing. I'm guessing 6 months tops. Once the car was invented it must have become so much easier too. Basically the 1920s and 30s must have been a golden age of bank robbing. If I could be a criminal in any era, it'd probably be then. Imagine, you wake up in the morning, get in whatever car you last heisted, and just drive around ripping off banks from podunk towns. Mix in a hot blond starlet, and I can't see any harm in this being a well chosen career decision, well, until you think of the phrase "bullet ridden body." That's not too stellar.

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