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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up Yours!

Do you think the phrase "Up Yours!" was invented in New York City? It had to be. I know it's not true but it seems like every negative response you could have towards another human being, came from the city. Watch.

Tourist: Hello, can you tell me how to get to Grand Central Station?
New Yorker: Bite me

Nice New Yorker: This is some weather we're having?
Real New Yorker: Don't talk to me scumbag.

Tourist: Yes, have you seen a little girl? I've somehow lost my little girl!
New Yorker: Yeah? I think you lost your wallet to buddy, hand it over!"

Tourist: Excuse me, I'm trying to take my son to his first Yankees game, which subway gets me to the stadium?"
New Yorker: Up yours!

It's just so perfect.

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