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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jon Voight: Sex Maniac

Some movies you can just tell were made to win Oscars and this is one of them. Midnight Cowboy I'd like to say is the first "media" movie, but that would probably be Citizen Kane. The difference is in the eras. Kane was about print journalism whereas we finally have a movie that's indirectly about television. It seems that so many scenes in this movie revolved around Jon Voight watching the boob tube. At first it just seems like some director trying to bring television into the modern age of film, but it's so much more. It's probably the best take on someone reaching for artificial dreams because they watch too much tv.. The young kid from Texas does well as a "John" and watches so much that the idea of going to be a "John" in the NYC seems like a reasonable idea where he can make tons of money. Only television will corrupt your mind so evilly. It's the same effect like those times when you've been watching too much porn, and all of a sudden, you think the girl at work asking to borrow your stapler is really asking for something else. Sure it's easy for me to check myself so I don't look like an idiot, but somewhere under this dim skin, I do have a little intelligence. I'm not some yokel from Texas, that's for sure. Unfortunately, Joe Buck was.

Poor Jon Voight. When they were making Deliverance, casting probably said, “Jon Voight really took it in the ass well in Midnight Cowboy, you think he’d be down for the role of City Boy Raped By River Person?” To which Voight prolly responded by saying, “Um no, but I don’t mind being buddies with the guy who takes in the pooper. Also, think we can get Burt Reynolds too?That young kid looks macho!” I say this because there's homosexuality in the movie, and more importantly, it doesn't seem like a big deal. In The Graduate where having relations with a mother/daughter combo is a big deal, the movie makes it a big deal. In this one, the fact that they're openly discussing homosexuality, at least in terms of paying for it, it seems very modern. Sure this leads to the uncomfortableness of having to see Jon Voights ass, but shit, if I'm watching Deliverance a few movies from now, I gots to get my prep on. Aside from the homosexuality, there's a killer heterosexual sex scene too, and because A Clockwork Orange is still some time away, I found this to be a pretty big deal. The director actually uses change coming out of a cash machine to signify an orgasm, which when you see it, all you can say is bravo.

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