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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The STONE HIM!!! Guy

Hmm, break down the 10 Commandments the movie or the actual Commandments?  This is a tough one.  It's kind of like breaking down who's better between the band The Doors and the movie The Doors.  I'll get to that one later.

The movie about Moses featuring Chucky Heston always seems like it will be a secret surprise for me.  That perfect Sunday matinee movie that gets better through time, though, the more times I see it, and I'm a proud owner now (Insert Picture of Me with 2 Thumbs Up and a Sarcastic Smile), the movie is just weak.  

Upon my latest viewing, the only redeeming quality was the "STONE HIM" guy, whom every time there was a dissenting view from the Pharaoh, some faceless person in the crowd would yell, "STONE HIM!!!" which pretty much sums up internet writing in a nutshell (NOTE: OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS BLOG ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE AUTHORS OF THE DAILY DEUCE) ... oh wait ... can't really argue about the pointless drivel of the internet when I'm ..

I will say this.  If I was the Pharaoh, as soon as my water turned into blood, I would have executed Moses.  It doesn't make any sense.  You're the leader of the nation, and some unkempt man is performing these magic tricks that hinder your town and you don't just whack him?  All the Pharaoh needed to do was give the order, and say, "So let it be written, so let it be done" boom, Moses is outta here, and the history of religion changes dramatically. 

There'd be no Judaism which means no Christianity and unfortunately, there never would've been Sandy Koufax.  Organized religion would've taken a severe beating if the Pharaoh just acted the way a real Pharaoh would've acted.  That's the biggest flaw in the story of Moses.  They wouldn't have been so easy on him.    Trust me, if someone comes into your palace and turns your water into blood, are you going to let him walk?   

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