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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 5 Irish Movies of All-Time

So I've poured a Guiness and want to stop making fun of them, so I will now celebrate them, with the fine pieces of Cinema they've added to a wonderful gallery of stories in America.

Number 5. Miller's Crossing

A sound film. In all seriousness (and I say that now before I get to #1), the most underrated Coen Bros. movie of them all. You have the big five (Fargo, Oh Brother, Raising Arizona, Lebowski, No Country) and then a bunch of others that are quite good but don't command the respect of the big 5. This is their 6th best movie and is as serious and good as just about any mob movie you'll ever see if you haven't seen it.

Number 4. Gangs of New York

Every year, I do the same bits from the movie, and this year has been no different, so I won't do anymore here. Great movie, even though it makes fun of the Irish more than ...

Number 3. Braveheart

Sure this is based on some sort of truth and shows the pain of the Irish in a way Gangs doesn't, but doesn't it ultimately make fun of them? After all, if your leader is The Passion of the Christ ... I think I'm too hard on this movie. It's part of my adventure, so I'll see it uninterrupted eventually (which I haven't done since the 1st time I ever saw it). Suprise suprise though, it's an Irish movie that reinvents movie fighting. Shocker.

(NOTE: A READER POINTED OUT THAT THIS IS SCOTTISH ... so, I could remove it or simply say, Scottish/Irish ... same thing)

Number 2. The Depahted

It's nice to have a newer one. This captures Bostonian Irishness at it's best. Oh, and I also could've included the Fugitive probably too, that movie was sort of Irish, but Number 1 has to be ...



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  1. Blood Simple ain't too shabby either...