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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Awesome Adam’s Wicked Hot Rockin Metal List of 2008!!!!!

Awesome Adam’s Wicked Hot Rockin Metal List of 2008!!!!!

12. The Newz – Nazareth

You know it’s a good year for Awesome Adam to rock when NAZareth comes out with a new album. NAZareth man! Fuckin … the N.A.Z!!!! MAN!!!! Yeah. I caught these guys in West Texas one year, and they tore it down, man, tore it the FUCK down.

11. Return of the Pride – White Lion

Man, I thought this one was going to let me down dude, didn’t think Tramp could carry this shit without Vito Bratta man, but WHAM … THEY’RE BACK!!! THEY’RE FUCKIN BACK!!! WHITE LION!!!! I think it’s sweet how they keep their theme of naming their albums after things that have to do with lions, Pride, Big Game, Mane Attraction, all fucking sweet albums, and I thought they were done. No, man. No they’re aren’t man, they’re back, and they bring it all back full circle with this one. Go White Lion!!! Go!

10. Saudades de Rock – Extreme

And Yeah!!! NUNO MAN! Nuno will like take a guitar man, and play it wicked fast, and you won’t know what to do bro, YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! I don’t even fucking know what Saudades are, but it must mean fucking rocks man, because this album FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

9. Lightning Strikes Again – Dokken

Awesome Adam got to see these guys this year, and at the end of the show man, Ronnie James Fuckin’ Dio came out, man, and jammed with Don Dokken. I couldn’t believe my eyes man, couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my greatest Dokken experience since I saw them bust threw the walls in that Freddy Krueger Dream Warrior video man, and THAT was pretty bad ass. It was like, scary shit, scary shit, scary shit and then BAM!! DOKKEN IN YOUR LIVING ROOM BRO!!!!

8. Good to be Bad – Whitesnake

I learned a lesson with this one man, because it is good to be bad man, it is good. When you’re sittin’ there at the mall, and a security guard starts frontin’ and you’re like, fuck you man, this is public property. You just wanna give that guy the double middle finger man. Fuckin’ rent-a-cop. Fuckin’ jealous because Awesome Adam doesn’t obey all the rules and likes to have a good time. It’s good to be bad, man, it is good. Right on Whitesnake.

7. Nostradamus – Judest Priest

The Priest Man! The fucking Priest! YEAH! These fucking guys are fuckin’ Nostradamus man, they fucking are. They see it all. I know people try to say the singer is a fag’n all, but fuck that man, he fuckin’ rocks. I know, like some people wanna hate someone, based on how they live their lifestyle or what not, but fuck that man, fuck that. Of course, Awesome Adam loves blondes with the big titties, man, but just because some guy is a fudgepacker, doesn’t mean he can’t rock man!!!! Fuckin haters man.

6. Mutilate - Angerfist

I got into these guys, because I thought it was that band from Vice City that fucking rocks. It turns out that band was called “Lovefist” and this is “Angerfist”. You know what though? It was like one of those disguised blessings … or the Chinese call it something … ah, fuck it. I’m trying to say this Angerfist band fucking rocks too. There was so much great fucking metal this year, it’s really hard to narrow it down to this many, man. Yeah.

Now for the tricky part … the 5 most rockinest albums of 2008!

5. Saints of Los Angeles – Motley Crue

Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Tommy muthafuckin’ Lee!!!! These guys are a movie man. Next time they come around, you got to see them!! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THEM!!! Tommy man, he’ll get behind those drums, and you don’t even know. He’ll fuckin’ spin around, the drums will tilt to a 90 degree angle, he’ll play from the ceiling … every tour man, something different. I’ve seen the Crue probably something like 8, 9 times, and this year was the original lineup man. Fucking Crue man, they’re back.

4. Motorizer – Motorhead

Yeah, yeah. Just putting this tape on man, I wanna just rev up my TransAm and fuckin do 120 man. Just the name man, sounds like a motor or something. They’ve been doin’ it for 30 years too (kinda like me and your mom bro!).

3. Chinese Democracy – Guns N Roses

Let me tell you Awesome Adam’s craziest story of the year. It was like fuckin’ 4 in the morning dude, and we’re all waitin’ in the line outside BestBuy, waiting to get Rock Band 2 and this album’n shit. All of us man, we’re getting pushed up against the glass, and Mr. BestBuy fucking employee is laughing at us bro, fucking laughing at us, man. Once 5 o’clock hits though … WHAM … we showed that fucker. RAN OVER HIS ASS!!! YEAH!!! GOT THE NEW AXL ROSE!! FUCK SLASH MAN!!!! AXL doesn’t need that asshole, and this album proves it.

2. Black Ice – AC/DC

Holy shit, I can’t believe this shit man. Angus Young’n shit. I gotta admit. I wrote these guys off after Thunderstruck (which fucking rocks). Now this Black Ice comes out, which reminds me. I once had this sweet jacket called Black Ice, it was rad dude. I would be like walkin’ round 7th grade, pimpin’ my Black Ice jacket. I almost feel like this album was an homage to Awesome Adam. It’s fucking killer bro.

1. Death Magnetic – Metallica

Okay, I gotta serious now, after all this rockin’ and this album rocks more than them all. But seriously, this was a serious album for James Hetfield. I didn’t know he was so troubled inside. It really makes you feel for him. I always thought these rockers had it so easy, with the constrant boozing, jamming, and bodacious blondes, but then you hear shit like this, and you forget how hard it probably is inside, like James Hetfield man. Those fucking assholes that steal Metallica records’n shit. Fucking Hetfield though man!!! Be strong bro!! Be strong. You have Awesome Adam’s support.

Merry Xmas and have an Awesome 2009!!!!

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