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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sound of Life

40 minutes today ... meh. I really wanna break that 40 minute barrier. Even 39 minutes would've been two thumbs up. Dag.

So today, my experiment was running free. No music. See, I pretty much here a phone ring all day ... actually, it's more like 4 phones ring all day if you count every one that's in the same room as I am. That's mucho ringo, and I often develop headaches, so getting home and throwing on headphones isn't necessarily always fun.

At the same time, can you imagine working out without music? Today, I wanted the silence, or as I call it, the sound of life. Breezes, factory sounds, cars hissing by, kids playing little league, dogs barking, all that crap. What an evening too. The late September Tampa weather hasn't been too bad. It was a gorgeous night, a great night in fact, to go to a bah, hang outside, have a beer with some friends and just chill. I wonder when the last time I went out to a bah on a week night was. Has to have been months. Definitely longer than it's been since my last sentence fragment.

So without music, the mind wandered ...

and wandered ...

and wandered ...

Pop culture re-creates memory. This isn't exactly a new discovery, but it's crazy that a real life action will happen, and I'll automatically liken it to something that happened in a movie. Today's example was a helicopter that kept circling the island. All I could think of was the end of Goodfellas, and why the hell this copter was following me. I wasn't dealing coke and guns across town, or at least I didn't think I was. Instead of thinking of why this copter was circling, all I could think of was this damn movie.

I bet I could go days with only communicating via lines from movies. I'm sure this isn't good. Sure I couldn't do it at work, but say I took a solid week off, I bet I could make it through the entire week with quotes.

A few years ago, it was my New Year's resolution to not make any Simpson's references and I did it. It wasn't a problem at all. My first idea for 2009, is no movie references in my dialogue. It seems impossible to me to do that, especially since I love doing it. Why quit something I love?

I don't like other things controlling my memory.

Consider this. Let's say I've had one major relationship in my life that ended over 8 years ago, and every couple months or so, to this day, I have recurring dreams about that relationship. This is a haunting thing. However, last night, I realized I typically fall asleep to a TV show in which one of the characters has the same name as the person in said relationship? So, instead of having some major subconscious "not being able to get over something that happened nearly a decade ago" problem, it could be as simple as hearing a name as I fall asleep and having that name enter my subconscious, mixing with the memories of my life and creating my dreams. Fortunately, the latter seems more probable in this instance.

I think I'm going to stop now, and watch a movie I've seen a million times so I can memorize more dialogue.

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