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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


42 minutes to the new Metallica album is my exercise score today.

I haven't listened to Metallica since Enter Sandman wasn't giving me nightmares. It seems now, that every time someone comes out with an album that's collaborated with Rick Rubin, I have to give it a whirl.

Heavy metal. What a genre. 5% of it is terrible on the sheer basis that the bands are trying to scare you, ohhhh Slipknot, your masks are so scary!!! Another 4% is terrible because you may as well bust out the jean jacket with the Anthrax and Megadeath patches on it because it's burn out music that kids listen to because it's the smartest way they know how to rebel against their parents aside from setting something on fire, and another 90% of it is bad because it's just so damn loud and crappy.

That leaves 1% of all heavy metal as being quality music. Metallica makes up a good chunk of that percentage point, along with some songs by Slayer and Motorhead.

Now Metallica (and Motorhead too coincidentally) is back with a new album and I don't know it's name at the moment, nor does that matter too much. What does matter, is that it's not bad. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich are two of my least desirable characters in music business. In fact, Hetfield accidentally setting himself on fire by a pyrotechnic is one of my all time favorite rock'n roll moments ... if something like that could only happen to Anthony Keidis, we'd be in business.

That said, I kinda dig the new album. This email should prove I'm no metal aficionado, but I generally like things that rock, and this new album does. Maybe it was the perfect storm of needing a new album to work out to, to actually motivate me to work out, or maybe it just rocks.

Tomorrow, (or maybe the next day), I'll give the new Motorhead an album, and it'll be a good ol' fashion metal-off. Another review coming next time.

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