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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Baptism of Running in the Rain

You killed a monster.
It’s been over a decade now,
The ugliest of life has corroded
My subconscious asleep
Where brain tumors were cured
By the loss of romantic love.

As you grabbed my chin,
Man grew wings,
with the fictitious kiss
He conquered space
And before the morning critters song
Had a chance to erase
Your dying for words
Rang like a medicated sax solo.

Tyrannosaurus birds begged
A floozy of a mom for breakfast,
Their nest tucked cheerfully behind
My window’s shutter.
My eyes greeted the humidified air
Before I had a chance to respond,
My classical piece amongst
The riff raff of meat-headed distortion.

The clockwork internal tears,
Another beautiful lost to 9 to 5 mentality,
The way a nation dreams,
And an entire weekday to beard
Pathetic rituals. This was your debut.
I love your knife, your machine gun.
I could awake to my spacious bed
For years.

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