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Friday, December 21, 2007

Numero Ereveren ... If food do you please ...

11. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank - Modest Mouse

Merry Xmas everyone. I'm in Melbourne and my ma's making a roast. I'm drinking a much needed coca-cola on what turned into a pretty impressive bender of the past week or so. Damn. Daggity dag damn.

Anyways, let's hope it's not over for the Mouse. I initially wasn't going to include this album because it's the first Mouse album that leads me to believe they've lost their edge. I sincerely hope not. However, I listened to it a few times ago and if you delete

We've Got Everything

the rest of the album is nice. A few other songs are a bit weak, but tolerable, and it has some home runs, like March into the Sea and People as Places as People. So despite them taking a step backwards, a step backwards for them is still more than most bands taking two steps forward. Okay, I'm about to start singing Opposite's Attract, so that means I'm done for now.

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