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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winter Movie Preview

American Gangster

What usually happens, when I'm in my Anti-Gangsta rap mode, is something weird happens to get me back into Gangsta Rap mode. Could this movie be it? Hopefully not. I don't wanna be in Gangsta Rap mode, but I really wanna see this movie. Speaking of Gangsta Rap mode, Jay-Z's soundtrack to this could be a classic. I saw him interviewed on the ... Charlie Rose ... i think that's his name, show on WEDU. Jay-Z is a very bright man. He actually made a good case for gangsta rap, and at the same time, pointed out that the rap industry is in trouble if it keeps signing people who wanna get rich, instead of artists. No gangsta rap debate in me today, but American Gangster, that's another story. I wanna see this one.

No Country For Old Men

The Coen Bros. are back. Sweet. Dramatic and violent too. Which, hey, nothing says violence, like on-screen movie violence. Knowing the Coen Bros, it's will be as classy as violence can be. Like maybe head-in-a-vice classy, or better yet, man-in-woodchipper classy.

Lion for Lambs

Tom Cruise. This movie looks really good, in spite of. However, I have a feeling this one is waiting until video, because if i went to the theatre today, it'd be my third selection. Maybe even 4th if you count Fred Clause or Bee Movie (yukyukyukyuk).


The Brain DePalma film about Iraq. I doubt I'll see this one in the theatres, barring some unforeseen movie barrage in November/December.

The Mist

The Stephen King thriller. Granted King movies usually end up suckeling, but the previews have me in. I'm a complete sucker for "strange phenomena destroys america" flicks, be they global warming which freezes you to death in a matter of seconds; or transforming vehicles that have nothing better to do than destroy a random planet for no reason.

I'm Not There

The Bob Dylan one where like six different, men, women and children play Bobby Dylan throughout his career. At the very least, the soundtrack should be awesome, with Tweeds, and Jim James among others.

I Am Legend

Wil Smith in a post-apocalyptic world "Get jiggy with this motherfucker!"

In all seriousness, this is probably the one I'm most excited for save for the Coen Bros. movie.

National Treasure 2

Ya know, just in case there were any lingering questions from National Treasure 1 leftover.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

This is suppose to suck, but I really don't care. I wanna see it. It can probably wait until video, or maybe I'll start getting high again by then in which case every movie is funny (read: Grandma's Boy).

P.S., I Love You

I believe this is the sequel to Billion Dollar Baby, in which Clint Eastwood admits he had relations with a partially paralyzed, bed-ridden Hilary Swank. HEYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Bucket List

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman escape a cancer ward, and live out their life's dreams before they die. Hopefully they hook up with Andy Dufresne and Red in Zihuataneho on the coast of Mexico, so we can see Morgan Freeman play thee ol' double role in a movie.

There Will Be Blood

Okay, I should get a bit more serious after my evilness. This one's got Bill the Butcher in it, going by the name, Daniel Day Lewis, and it's done by Paul Thomas Anderson, who's done some great ones, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, and Punch Drunk Love. This is a must-see.


I wanna see this because ____________________________________________. Ohhhh, look at me, I'm J.J. Abrams and I understand that teasing people with a little bit of a monster destroying new york will make them really excited to see this and they'll love it until I actually show the monster and the movie will end up sucking but I've created such a great buzz, it'll do great in the box office ... jerk.

Maybe we'll never see the monster at all, and the movie will be a gigantic tease and the monster really represents purgatory or something, and we won't find out what the monster really is until the year 2011 when it finally gets off the island.

I really don't know why I wanna see this so bad ... BUT I DO!

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