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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morning News Review 9/18

Issue #1 ... France vs. Iran?


You know it's bizarro world when the Frogs are threatening you. OOOOOOO, it's France! Watch out everyone, they may surrender on you so fast it creates a wind gust that could blow your army down! There really must be something strong in the cheese this week.

Issue #2 ... The Return of Amelia Earhart?


I know this is sad'n all, that a world renown explorer is M.I.A., but it's kind of nice that the current generations have their own Amelia Earhart. As Barry Bonds might say, after the loss of Steve Fosset, "Amelia Earhart, don't have to talk about her no more!"

Honestly, I must confess that I didn't know who Steve Fosset was, and now I do, so this news story is great for his name's brand. He's probably planned this from day one so his legacy echoes throughout the ages. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Issue #3 ... I'm Going to Miss Watching "Rock of Love" Every Sunday Morning


What's sad is, (other than the fact I watch this show because I was a Poison fan in the 80s), I was rooting for Lacey. C'est dommage. Another depressing thing is that there haven't been any other members of Poison appearing as guests on the show. That's kind of why I was watching. I guess as long as Bret chooses the stripper over the hair stylist, all we be good in the Poison Kingdom.

Issue #4 ... The No-Armed Man Did It!


Wow, so the same week OJ is in trouble with the law again, we get to make Fugitive jokes for another reason.

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