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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dedicated to the 9/11 Protesters I saw on Kennedy Blvd. this Morning

First and foremost, I don't know how you can protest something that already happened. Secondly, I think we're all pretty much against 9/11. I'm sure there are a few Islamic Extremists here and there that are for it, but very few in the Etats-Unis on hon hon.

I guess I'm going to protest the holocaust ... I'll stop here.

On that point anyway. See, what I guess is, they're standing out there, because they don't believe what we've been told about that tragic day. Fortunately for them, maybe they read this blog, and find out the whole truth, about nine ereveren.

Let's start with the plane that crashed landed in Pennsylvania, our one "victory" of the day. The truth is, that wasn't a plane at all. No, no missile shot a plane out of the sky, what it really was, was a UFO. Some say it may have even have been a Transformer (more than meets the eye), but thanks to it crashing on such an untimely day, we'll never know the truth about this UFO. Ofcourse this means, that there was never a Flight United 93, so you can no longer change Flight 93 into arabic symbols and get the hidden message, which reads "Derka Derka Mohammed Jihad ALALALALALALALALALA!

Next; the plane that hit the Pentagon. The truth about this is, it's not really a Pentagon at all. What none of the over-head cams really show you, is there's a hidden wall making it a dodecahedron (it works somehow, trust me). And it wasn't a plane that took the lives of over 100 people, in fact, people don't even work in the Pentagon. It's the aliens man. They're calling the shots. See, hidden along with the six wall is in fact, the place where they set the stage for the faux moon landing. As I said, it wasn't a plane, it was really the revenge of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Now that they're older, and getting a bit more senile, they can no longer cope with the fact that they never landed on the moon, and what a better way to extract revenge than blast off into the Dodecahedron. That's what really happened that day.

Lastly, there's the story of the Two Towers. What people don't know about this attack is, there never were any Two Towers. No, NYC always kept up a hologram just to fool Islamic Extremists into an attack. Another thing is, there's no such thing as Islamic Extremists, or even Terrorists. No, it's just one big conspiracy so Dick Cheney can get away with shooting his friend in the face and afterwards say, "Remember 9/11?" If you go back through the history of time, you will even find out there's no such thing as planes, so the fact that basically Santa Claus rode Wonder Woman's plane into a hologram, is in fact, that greatest conspiracy dropped on the American people to this day.

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