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Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Lake Beers

Beginning with these two photos is probably as good of a place to start as any with our Ohio/Asheville Wedding/Vacation getaway.

These two photos are of our beer fridge at our hotel while staying in Cincinnati (3 for 3 on my are, our, ARRRRRRRRRRR! usage).  Now, all of these beers are not from Cincy, but most are regional.

Unfortunately, the best photo from this time was not taken, nor the best comeback delivered.  A fun story from Cincy was an errant drive whilst looking for some decent breakfast for a Ron Swanson carnivore like myself, and a Veggie lover like Angi.  Driving around some strange roads, looking for something unique in a foreign land, we got caught behind one of Cincinnati's finest cultural elite.  Texting while driving we all know is getting out of hand, but here was a first for us.

Ever been caught behind someone at a light who's not proceeding because they're texting?  It's quite frustrating, yes?  Well Mr. Mercedes (of course it has to be an upper class white guy driving a Mercedes in this case) nearly found a way to hold up two lanes of traffic before a few people tooted and sped past him.  Annoying, but this happens too many times nowadays so it's not that unique.  However, we somehow got caught up at another light behind this guy, and the same thing happened.  This time, the horn was a little louder, and funnier faces were made at him as we rode past his country club stereotype.

When we approached the next light, he pulled up beside me (I was passenger side, but he didn't make me spill my beer), rolled down his window which was met by me rolling down my window (he was richer than me and whiter than me so I wasn't afraid of him naturally) and well ... here's the conversation, as best remembered over a week later ...

Mr. Mercedes: Is there a problem, can I help you with anything?
Me (very condescending and polite): Yes.  If you could stop texting and drive when lights turn green, it would really assist with us getting to where we need to be much quicker.
Angi (from behind the wheel):  You're not important enough to be texting at lights, trust me ...
Mr. Mercedes (dumbfounded): ... ... (keeps staring at me, trying to look condescending)
Me: (Dilly G style condescending blinks): ...
Mr. Mercedes (rolls up window)

Now it may appear this conversation went as well as any could when something serious like road rage is involved and you have an actual conversation with a dickhead driver.  In fact, this is the longest conversation I've ever had with a stranger who's driven poorly.  Two things occurred to me after the incident though which would have made this much better:

1.  I so so wish I had taken a picture of this guy to put on facebook, or my blog.  It would make this story so much better.

2.  When he asked me if he could help me with anything, if I responded "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" I would have been the coolest person in Cincinnati, possibly the entire universe.

Oh well.

In terms of some quick beer reviews from the area:

At a northern Georgia gas station I found a six pack of Fat Tire, which was a very pleasant surprise.  Oddly, I wouldn't find this beer again until we made it to Asheville.

Goose Island out of Chicago makes incredible beer.  We can't get it down in Florida, but if you can get your hands on that stuff.  Go at it.

Beers I can remember drinking in Ohio (but not necessarily from Ohio):

Founder's Red's Rye PA.

I've never been a huge Rye guy but I am now due to this beer and ...

Arcadia Ales Sky High Rye

Angi was waking me up from a pre-wedding nap to help her drink this one in the hotel room.  It was worth it.  This may be the best rye I've had thus far in life, and the Founder's is probably a close second.

Thirsty Dog's Old Leghumper Robust Porter

Thirsty Dog has great labels and wonderful beer.  This was a great porter.

New Holland's Dragon's Milk Stout

Not to be confused with New Belgium (even though I did several times, so this warning is probably just for my own memory) this is one of those beers aged in a Whiskey Barrel, or it's likeness.  It was incredible.  Fortunately, unbeknownst to me, Angi brought home a big bottle as well, which will be perfect when it gets cold here in ... well, it never really gets cold here, but we'll drink it 'round Xmas time I'm sure.

We also had a few Goose Island beers which were all incredible including the 312; their Summertime and IPA.

I'll hopefully get to the Asheville portion of the trip tomorrow.

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