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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best Supporting Actors (30-11)

30.  Robert DeNiro as "Johnny Boy" in Mean Streets

DeNiro played a punk better than any of his mafia roles (aside from The Godfather Part 2).  Of course, he was much younger then. 

29.  Paul Dano as "Eli Sunday" in There Will Be Blood

For someone who barely spoke a word and had a little bit of a "Punch Him the Face Factor" going on in Little Miss Sunshine, he turned in a fantastic performance as the evil preacher here. 

28.  Robin Williams as "Sean Maguire" in Good Will Hunting

For a film that's aged pretty poorly, Robin Williams' performance is the only thing keeping it relevant, well, that and the funny chowder accents.  

27.  Tommy Lee Jones as "Deputy Garrard" in The Fugitive

This is an example of a great movie that wouldn't be good at all without his performance.  After all, who hasn't cornered someone over a huge dam and when they declared their innocence you've stared them right in the face and said, "I don't care!" 

26.  Pat Morita as "Mr. Miyagi" in The Karate Kid

It's too bad the series never reached a point where LaRusso turned evil and had to square off against Miyagi who proceeded to whoop his ass and give a round of high fives to the Cobra Kai. 

25.  Lee J. Cobb as "Juror #3" in 12 Angry Men

If you ever want to see my view of today's Republican, watch his performance in this film. 

24.  William H. Macy as "Jerry Lundergaard" in Fargo

Here's my third nomination for the Supporting Actor Hall of Fame (in fact, I'll stop this Hall of Fame game now and just make a list at the end of this list).  Macy can play many roles, but playing a weasel always seems to suit him best.    

23.  Burgess Meredith as "Mickey" in Rocky

Whenever I picture a boxing trainer, I will always picture Burgess Meredith.  That's how iconic his role in the Rocky films was. 

22.  Robert Downey Jr. as "Kirk Lazarus" in Tropic Thunder

When I was a kid, I saw an episode of Gimme a Break in which Joey Lawrence painted himself black at some kind of talent show to try to fit in and the response on the show was as if he'd killed the Ronald Reagan (not funny in front of Nel).  Years later, in a much different context, the idea of a white person making their skin black to play a character is hysterical.  You gotta love father time.  Hmm, time is a dad and nature is a mother (cue sparkling sounds).  

21.  Ian McKellan as "Gandolf" in The Lord of The Rings

He deserves a high ranking simply for "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"  Without Gandolf, we'd all be living under the harsh conditions of that evil eye right now. 

20.  Alec Guiness as "OB1-Kenobi" in Star Wars

If I ever wanted someone to give me an inspirational speech as I prepare for the after-life, it's either OB1 or Gandolf. 

19.  Christoph Waltz as "The Jew Hunter" in Inglorious Basterds

Never have I been so impressed with a man's pipe (ha – ha – ha – ha).  Well, aside from the glass ones some of my Phish-head friends may have carried in the 90s.  Remember that hippie that had that glass blown pipe shaped like a dragon?  Did everyone know someone like that? 

18.  Benicio Del Toro as "Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez" in Traffic

This makes two for Del Toro and I didn't include his roll as Freddy Four Fingers from Snatch.   I was pissed when he died because he wouldn’t be in that movie anymore.  It's like, say they killed Bill the Butcher in the opening scene of Gangs of New York and we were left with Liam Neeson the whole time.  That would suck. 

17.  Danny Aiello as "Sal" in Do the Right Thing

He's incredible in the role of the pizzeria owner.  It's his right to put whoever he wants on his walls, but he learned as many have, that white people should just never ever say the "N" word.  It's really not that hard, and would it have killed him to put Mookie Wilson on the wall? 

16.  Gary Sinise as "Lt. Dan" in Forrest Gump

I don't like Gary Sinise because he's really not that good of an actor but was fortunate enough to get this role, and nail it.  I do love Lt. Dan … but you ain't go no legs Lt. Dan!

15.  Christopher Walken as "Nick" in The Deer Hunter

He may have turned into a comedian in his later years, but in the late 70s, he was one hell of an actor.  Two people from this film make this list which means I probably should watch it again.  I'm not even counting Meryl Streep.  In fact, there are no women on my list which is probably either really sexist or because I'm doing a different list for actresses in the future.  You decide. 

14.  Robert Duvall as "Tom Haggen" in The Godfather Parts 1 & 2

It's too bad he wasn't blood because he really would've made the best Don after Vito died because it was all business with him and never personal, but he never was a war time consigliere though, and that was my first time ever spelling "consigliere" correctly even though Microsoft Word is telling me otherwise.  +3 for me for using three conjunctions in one sentence whether that sentence is good or not. 

13.  Joe Pesci as "Joey" in Raging Bull

A perfect recipe for a movie is Scorsese directing a buddy picture with Pesci and DeNiro.  I can't believe one hasn't been made since 1995 with the way movies are today (wow, what a grumpy old man moment that was).  How about a new movie with this combination and make a rival villain Daniel Day-Lewis?  It'd probably suck somehow but would be loads of fun. 

12.  John Goodman as "Walter Sobchak" in The Big Lebowski

Granted everyone in this movie is a character of some sorts, but it's Walter that keeps this story rolling along, or however you’d deem the pace of this movie going forward. 

11.  Al Pacino as "Michael Corleone" in The Godfather

Pacino is fantastic in this one, especially when he's still innocent and peaks when he gives his "I'll kill'em both" speech.  He may be lead here though, and someone may not like that.  

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