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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heroes and Villains … umm, Villains

As I mentioned previously, Christopher Nolan has a great sense of creating villainy.  In The Dark Knight he continued the quest, and wisely kept the key villain alive, but sometimes you leave someone alive in a movie for possible sequels, they’re destined to battle over and over again, and then they die in real life.  It sucks really, even for the fan.  There really aren't too many good deaths (Osama Bin Laden and Jerry Falwell were animals full of hatred so those two are pretty good), but there are many bad ones, as Heath's was.  For a ghoul such as myself, it's quite rare that I miss an actor, or anyone I have no ties to whatsoever, but "what coulda been" with any more possible roles he would've played.   Granted, him reappearing in another Nolan directed Batman movie would probably have undone his fantastic villain here, but it would’ve been nice to have the opportunity. 

In honor of the man, I'm going to drop one of my "major" lists.  My major lists coming up include:

The Best Movies of All-Time
The Best Actors of All-Time
The Best Directors of All-Time
The Best Lead Actor Roles of All-Time
The Best Actress Roles of All-Time
The Best Endings of All-Time
The Best Supporting Roles of All-Time
The Best Villains of All-Time

Ledger's Joker does quite well in the last two, but I think his performance as a villain is a wee bit better than as a supporting actor, so on Monday I’ll begin a list that was fun to create while watching about a couple hundred movies over the past few years.  Villains are so much better than heroes.  As a kid, you want Luke Skywalker to kill that scary Darth Vader but when you grow up, it seems like Luke is such a pipsqueak and Vader should have sliced him up good.  I can’t remember the last time I went for the good guy, well, it was probably the last time I cheered for whoever was playing the Red Sox. 

Come Monday, the Top 50 Best Villains in Cinema History, have a great rest of the of the weekend.  

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