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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Jokes of Superbad

To celebrate this fine comedy that slows down once nighttime arrives, I'm just going to pull some of the funniest lines and phrases:

Little baby toes
Suck dick at fucking pussy
Dick taking ability
Falaish me
A man dick
Possessed by a dick devil
Funny thing about my back is it's located on my cock
She wants my dick in and around her mouth
Mom is making a pubie salad, I need some of Seth's own dressing
Dtf, down to fuck
P in the V
The iron chef of pounding vag
It's not the going with the ladies I'm worried about, it's the coming
She wants to suck on your penis
The best blow J ever
It's like a division sign
A bunch of people crammed into a van

Nearly all of these lines are from the daylight of the movie, and what's really crazier, is that the movie actually starts getting good again when they go to the mall the next day.  This film was the perfect vehicle for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to show off their fun "simile" writing style.  If they decided to not advance the plot with the dialog, or possibly not even advance any of the dramatic aspects of the film in general such as what the future holds for the kids, or some of thing things the cops did (that whole destroying the car to Van Halen's "Panama" was a colossal waste of time) this could've been a classic comedy.  Maybe it is anyway because the first hour or so of the film is one long incredible dick joke. 

Of all the movies from the Freaks and Geeks squad, or whatever you want to call that group of comedians that even extends to the likes of Steve Carell and Wil Ferrell, this one is probably my favorite, especially if you take away Hill and Cera arguing with each other and the above mentioned cop car scene. 

Oh, and what the hell happened to McLovin?  

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