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Monday, January 31, 2011

PARTY … Party … PARTY … Party

What's their to say about The Big Lebowski,  which has become the biggest cult classic since The Rocky Horror Picture Show (SECRET ALERT! I have never seen this movie).  Lebowskiheads are coming to Tampa soon for some bowling, costumes and a late night filming, and I can't think of any other non-sci-fi movie that goes on tour and has festivals … many years after the release.  

It's all been said and done, so I can't really add too much.  It's a great movie.  It's got one of the best scripts ever, it's got some of the best characters ever (if not thee best), and it's probably to most re-watchable movie ever.  I've probably seen this movie close to 50 times, and I still notice new things every now and then.  Something I was going to write about was the Dude's knack for hearing something someone else said, and repeating it later in the movie, i.e., Bush Sr.'s "This aggression will not stand" or Maude's usage of the word "coitus."  There are a few others too that are much harder to find, but when you notice them for the first time, it's a lot of fun (the two examples I used are obviously the easy ones, and even more obvious is the fact that I can't remember the harder ones).  At one point he even says "Where's the fucking money Lebowski?" to the crippled Lebowski, which is probably the best of them all. 

So, to celebrate the party that is The Big Lebowski, here are the Top 15 best parties I'd want to go to:

15.  The Lufthansa Heist Party

This was the big score in Goodfellas.  Granted, I probably wouldn't want to hang out with a bunch of mobsters, especially when the leader of the heist is paranoid as hell, but the mood of these guys after such an accomplishment must have been amazing.

14.  Andy Warhol's Party in The Doors

This would be a good freakshow party.  Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol and Nico, all together.  That'd be fun.  Of course, I'd take random late sixties party with Lennon, Richards & McJagger, Dylan, Joplin, Hendrix and Morrison, but I'm not sure that ever happened. 

13.  The End of the Empire Party

I'm not sure which planet I'd want to be on, but that gap between a fallen Empire and the rise of Interplanetary Trade Federations rebuilding must have been a great time for the "rebels." 

12.  The Post Helm's Deep Party

It's one thing taking down an Empire, but after all the hand to hand combat in this, this must have been one helluva party. 

11.  The Last Day of School Party in Dazed and Confused

Even though I've sort of been to this party, a kegger in the park was an impossibility where I grew up, so it would've been fun, except for that Clint guy.  What a douche. 

10.  The Old School Party

Any party with Vince Vaughn and Snoop Dogg would be great. 

9.  A Party on the set of Caddyshack

I've heard stories about how crazy this was.  Any party in the late 70s/early 80s is probably going to be a rager. 

8.  The Toga Party in Animal House

To be honest, this isn't my kind of party, but it makes it thus far on fame.

7.  A Party at Jack Horner's House

This is where it gets kinda weird because I'm saying I want to go to a Porn-Party.  It's probably one of those situations where as soon as I got there, I'd feel uncomfortable, so I'd get extremely drunk and make an ass myself for sure. 

6.  A Party at Jackie Treehorn's House

It's the same as Jack Horner's, but it's on a private beach.   The only downside is he treats objects like women man. 

5.  The Anchorman Party

When Will Ferrell says "We've been coming to this same party for x number of years", you believe him and know that THAT'S a good party.  It's also a little more practical because it's not a porn party. 

4.  The Eyes Wide Shut Party

This may be a little creepy and good in theory only, but c'mon, as long as you're invited and know the passwords, I'm sure this is a good time. 

3.  The Cannonball Run Party.

I'm not sure what's better, the pre-race party, or the post-race party, but as long as Burt Reynolds and half the cast are there, it's going to be a good time.  Upon further review, I've decided the pre-party is better because everyone is together.  After the race, it'd take forever for everyone to complete the race just to have the party. 

2.  A Party at the Kennedy Compound

So for my last two, I'm not using movies.  In its heyday, I can only imagine how great these parties were. 

1.  Playboy Mansion! Playboy Mansion!



  1. No George Clinton PCU party with a young John Favereau and Jeremy Piven?

  2. wow, I haven't seen that movie in years.