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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cool Words from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The best part of the movie is the dialogue, so why not celebrate it with a good top 5 list.

Top 5 Cool English Slang Words

5.  Mincer

This is just a nice derogatory way to make fun of someone who sucks.  Totally off the subject, but one of my favorite lines from Hot Tub Time Machine is when the guy who tries to commit suicide picks on Cusack's dorky nephew, he says, "You're a loser and you KNOW you're a loser."  I find that really funny for some reason.

4.  Arse

It's just so much harder to say "arse" than "ass", but every now and then, when it slips out, it's kind of fun. 

3.  Bollocks

For those who don't know, bollocks technically mean "balls", but more accurately describes nonsense.  Though I may be too white to use some fun rap lingo, I'm not white enough to use words like "bollocks." 

2.  Geezer

If you've ever heard The Streets rhymes, he probably says "geezer" once per stanza.  Another place to hear this word a lot is an old Playstation 2 game called "The Getaway", which almost seems loosely based on Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. 

1.  Chevy Chase

Okay, this really isn't English slang, but there's a moment in this film where Rory Breaker refers to someone's face as a "Chevy Chase."  Finding this intriguing, I did a little research and found out this is called "cockney rhyming slang."  First off, any time you get to say a word like "cockney" is always fun.  Secondly, when there's a vernacular out there that does what this does, I don't know why I don't use it more.  Basically, rather than say a word, you use a two to three word phrase that rhymes with the word you're replace.  In this case, you don't say face, but you say Chevy Chase.  For one who loves to reference pop culture such as myself, this is taking it a step further.  I hope to be able to figure out how to do this well in 2011, and will call it 2011 Resolution #3.  The other two you ask?

2011 Resolution #1:  Do not click on news stories with the words "Palin" or "Beck" in them.

2011 Resolution #2: Eat more vegetables.

2011 Resolution #3: Use cockney rhyming slang. 

Resolutions are so much fun.  

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