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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Thoughts on Boogie Nights

  • Incredible cast: Luiz Guzman and Don Cheadle should do more buddy flicks together.  I love these two together as they appear in Traffic as well.  John C. Reilly will always be Reed Rothchild to me.  This movie almost made me believe Heather Graham was a good actress.  Julianne Moore has this movie and Lebowski in back to back years.  This movie made Burt Reynolds cool again after nearly a 20 year fog of an acting career.  Sure, he wasn't good enough to be a New Kid on the Block, but Mark Wahlberg will be remembered longer than the collective bunch of New Kids … Hangin Tough!  WE'RE ROUGH!  OH OH OH OH OH! WE'RE HANGIN TOUGH!  William H. Macy has this, Fargo, & Wag the Dog all in a couple year span.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman is rocking it as Scotty … And even the Punisher gets into the act as a leftover from Dazed & Confused
  • It's probably not a good idea to snort cocaine in the wee hours of the night then calling your ex-husband so you can talk to your forgotten child. 
  • I love how P.T. Anderson makes these movies with no plot and you just watch the characters grow.
  • How many hours do you think Heather Graham had to practice roller skating for this movie?
  • Until I make a list about it, I'm going to say that going to a party at Jack Horner's house would probably be the best party ever, aside from the fact that the margaritas may be weak.  In fact, I always feel like an alcoholic when the porn star/party animal (Reed Rothchild) makes the margaritas so "strong" but doesn't put that much tequila in them. 
  • Another thing I love about this movie, is if you go for awhile without seeing it, every time one of the characters appears for the first time, it almost feels like you're being re-introduced to an old friend. 
  • Holy shit, this movie has a montage.  Montages are rare after the 80s.  This montage is bad ass too. 
  • Cocaine really destroys everything.  That's the message here as with every movie with cocaine in it.  For once, I want to see a coke movie with a positive message.  Like some guy is a major loser, then all of a sudden starts doing blow and becomes very successful.  With the lack of ideas in Hollywood lately, I can't believe they don't try reverse movies like this. 
  • A law suit for the sequel: Random Frat Guy vs. Jack Horner and Rollergirl.
  • Aside from the actual violence, what I dislike most about homophobic assholes is this; before they go out at night, they have a conversation in which one says, "Hey, let's go beat up a homo!" and the rest of them all think it's a great idea.  That's how they want to spend a Friday night. 
  • When all is said and done for Dirk, it's great how he goes back to his porn parents rather than his real ones.  This leads to a much happier ending for him. 
  • Great idea to give this movie a happy ending.  If it ended depressing, most people wouldn't watch this past the moment Macy kills himself on New Year's eve. 
  • What makes this movie most incredible, is that it shows how these porn stars are real people and live normal lives, well, aside from all the drugs and pornography stuff.  

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