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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zach Taylor Versus Larry Flynt

I can't imagine what it was like living before the free love era of the 60s, or living in an era when people like Fonzi were cool and you'd drive a really big car to a make out point whilst listening to Carl Perkins hoping to touch your ladies goodies.  Your parents were still high off killing Nazis so you were the first generation to experience things like rock'n roll and a sexual revolution.  Naturally, all this unchecked sexuality and fear of commies led to things like Vietnam, dirty hippies having sex with each other during outdoor rock festivals and loving summers. 

This all led to the 70s where dirty sex and drugs led to a very dirty decade.  The hippies grew up a little and had key parties and swang swang swang while fancy things went up their noses and presidents became bad people thinking this generation would be completely aloof to their trickiness.  Naturally, this was the perfect time for Larry Flynt to make the world even skuzzier (wow, I haven't used the word skuzzier in a very long time and I should probably use it more often), with his dirty dirty porn rags.

Now, I don't want to sound like some anti-porn guy, because naturally that would make me the strange one for not liking porn, but when we were kids and stumbled upon our first porno magazines, I remember Hustler being the skuzziest of them all.  Playboy had the best looking women but showed the least.  Penthouse showed some more things, but the women were less attractive, and Hustler had these skanky Courtney Love-looking girls who looked like they did way too many drugs and were a mere seconds away from contracting the AIDS.  Not very sexy. 

That being said, Larry Flynt paved the way for skeeziness we have today (it's strange, but if you want a word to describe extreme filthiness, it probably starts with an "sk" sound or has an "eezy" sound … skanky, skuzzy, skeezy, sleazy, scummy).  If Elvis is the king of rock, then Flynt is most definitely the king of … sleaze.  He paved the way for those stupid day time talk shows like Jerry Springer's where people argue about whose baby is whose; youtube clips like "Two Girls and a Cup"; reality TV shows in which a bunch of skanks or meatheads compete for the love of the ultimate skank or the ultimate meathead; and I write this in 2010, so I can even say things like "Jersey Shore."  Imagine a world without all this, and we owe it all to Larry Flynt.

Too bad that sniper only paralyzed him.   

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