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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something About Tesla

When you're reading about the band Tesla on wikipedia, something kind of funny happens. Here I am, trying to track down who played lead guitar for them back in the late 80s and wiki always breaks down current and former band members.

For Tesla, they have a couple guys listed under "Former Members" that were lead guitar players ... here are their notes:

Joey Murrieta - Lead Guitarist before the breakout of Tesla, (1983)
Curtis Chapman - Lead Guitarist before the breakout of Tesla, when they were still called City Kidd (1983-1984)
Brook Bright - Lead Guitar, vocals. Formed band as City Kidd in early 1980's (1981-1983)

Notice how all these guys basically weren't in Tesla at all? This is what I love about Wikipedia's freedom. These are obviously three guys (or their girlfriends) still with an ax to grind some 20+ years later about almost being part of a band that had some success 20+ years ago. Pete Best or Jeff Holdsworth they are not.

Somewhere they're still rockin though!

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