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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Summer of 2010 Rock'n Roll Poll

Here we go. I've spent a small chunk of my morning trying to get a good list of 64 awesome rock songs, because, if you wanna have a good list of songs, you need to find awesome ones. Like a gold chain 'round yo' neck baby!

Naturally, narrowing what turned out to be about 150 songs down to 64 seemed too difficult and time consuming, so ... it will be the NCAA's wet dream, a tournament of 128 great chocolate cheese fondue rock songs. The best from way back to the 60s man! The 60s!

So it will be 8 groups of 16, and I'll come up with a clever name for each group. The groups may seem unbalanced, or maybe not. We'll see. Even I am not above the selection committee so I apologize for an unbalances. I also apologize for any obscure ads on my blog now. I've been told I now support Arizona's Immigration Law, which I don't, but really, it's not my problem. So the Daily Deuce Staff would like to apologize for the inconvenience of any ads you may disagree with, and ask that you please bear with us. Thanks.

Now Vote Fer Yer Favorite Rock Song! (Hope this works).

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