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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Braveheart Without a Shirt On!

It's not exactly news when you say Mel Gibson is overrated, but after Braveheart came out, it may have been for a very brief period. Like Kevin Costner, he had a brief directing moment of glory, and then faded away into movies about people kidnapping his children.


It's pretty hard to resist that one.

Nowadays, the reasons are numerous why he's no longer a respected actor, be it his drunken anti-semetic rants, the fact that he often says, "MY NIPPLES! THEY HURT WHEN YOU TWIST THEM!!!" (or maybe that's just on South Park), or, as I mentioned above, all his movies now seem to be either about kidnapped children, vengeful paybacks, or vengeful paybacks for kidnapping children. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Taking a closer look at his "best" movie, he does things that are far more irritating.

The underlying thing that probably bothers me most about Mel Gibson, that as director, he actually had this thought during Braveheart. "I'm going to have a scene, where I come into town riding on a horse, with the wind blowing through my luscious long hair, and pan in on all the women of the town looking at me, and ogling me. I think that would be a great introduction to my character!"

There's also way too many "Matthew McConaughey Without a Shirt On" moments, which is fine if you're not the director, but again, as director he's saying, "I think this movie needs more of me without my shirt on!" Maybe this is why it's best that actors don't appear in the movies they direct. I imagine it's pretty hard not to stroke your own ego.

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