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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Film Project ... Behind the Scenes with Forrest Gump

Dokey okey, The new computer has been hooked up, and the new computer is a blazin; (it's amazin'). So, in honor of this wonderful thing, which really makes my writing life so much easier, rather than take some notes I did while watching the spectacular Forrest Gump, or the list idea I had (which will be saved for a later date), I'm going to go through my rudimentary thought process while watching a classic film with a laptop beside me (Snoop Dogg has his Dog Pound, I have a laptop). It also looks like I'm on an incredible streak here to use parenthesis as much as possible (which basically means I'm commenting on my own comments and my mind is probably backed up from not writing for a couple weeks). Goat cheese on a cracker!

Speaking of crackers, I've noticed some people call them "fireworks" and others call them "firecrackers" which I'm assuming is a Yankee thing ... or not. Who knows. What I was getting at, was when you travel by car from the beautiful world known as the northeast, down to the Deliverance type landscapes of the southeast, it seems as if every "gas station" specializes in three things, sunglasses, pecans, and fireworks. When I was younger, I always assumed those were the three most important things in southern culture (say, it's Friday, it's time to party and the teens go to the local gas station to pick up sunglasses to look cool at night and pecans to eat while playing with fireworks ... See? Makes sense, no?) The evolution of this thought made me start think that only us yanks called them with "crackers" in the name, and it was a wicked smart way to make fun of southern folk by calling the explosives "firecrackers" as in, toyish (not a word) explosives used by people between South Carolina and Florida. Wow ... my point is, I'm getting ready to talk about Forrest Gump, so I'm trying to take everyone's intelligence down a shade.

Behind the Scenes During Forrest Gump

When I start a movie, the first thing I do is check it out on www.imdb.com. I simply can't imagine life without this website. I also try to remember if I saw it in the theatre or not, and who with, be it a date with a high school sweetie, or the time I saw it in college high as a kite with my friend Lisa (and only her) and we couldn't stop laughing every time Forrest spoke. People were looking at us like we were 8 years old, and it didn't matter. I also remember how I got it on dvd, and it was a friend's dvd who has since moved out of town, so it has become mine, which is just another proof to the theory that you never lend out DVDs to anyone ever because you'll never get them back. That stupid feather starts floating (arguably the gayest symbolism ever), I see Tom Hanks' muddy shoes ... and then boom, Tom Hanks, what's he done?

Click on IMDB ...

Here's got an episode of the Love Boat, Bosom Buddies of course, episodes of Taxi and Happy Days, who can forget the crazy uncle on Family Ties. a breakthrough with Splash, a bunch of very successful comedies, he starts getting serious (and wears a cool hat and scarf) with Philadelphia and morphs into the Tom Hanks we know today with classic hit after classic hit, except he's slipped lately, hasn't he? I did like his voiceover in The Simpsons Movie though, so maybe I'm being hard on the guy.

Before I know it, I'm watching the scene where the kid throws a rock at young Forrest, which, if you're high is insanely funny, but try telling that to a theatre full of uptight college freshman who are watching this movie because it's the only form of entertainment on a college campus aside from partying, so imagine being in a small theatre full of people who are freshman in college, who would rather watch a movie, than party, and you see why no one thought it was funny when Forrest gets hit with the rock. Then I start thinking, "Man, what a great thing to put on your resume if you're an actor." I was the kid who throws a rock at Forrest Gump. I'm surprised that kid never went on to do better things. I love resume builders in film.

The random thoughts continue (with bullet points)

  • They should make a spinoff film which is a story of Jenny's sisters and what happened to them
  • Forrest Gump is definitely retard strong
  • Wow, Gary Sinise used to have so much promise
  • Forrest definitely slighted the child who grew up wanting to play ping pong just like him, but never achieved excellence because the child was always using an inferior racket because Gump falsely endorsed it.
  • No matter how many times I watch it, it always bothers me that the boat crashes the wrong way. I hate that!
  • Gump's run is the ultimate chasing demon run
  • Oh my god, I think this is a chick flick
  • This movie loves assassination attempts
  • Michael Connor Humpheries, the kid who plays young Forrest, went on to join the military and went to school at Northern Alabama University (probably couldn't get into Alabama itself because he didn't have blazing kick returning speed). This leads me to believe that on the set, the kid admired Forrest Gump so much, he wanted to be just like him.
  • Man that feather is so annoying!
  • Scene Names if you select "Scenes" on the DVD ...

I’m Forrest … Forrest Gump


Like Peas and Carrots

Run Forrest Run!

Lt. Dan

My Best Good Friend

Wounded in the Buttocks

You’re My Girl

Shrimp Boat Captain

Mama’s Trip to Heaven

Jenny Comes Home

... and that's about it.

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