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Friday, March 5, 2010

Turturro, Buscemi, Hoffman and Macy

As I begin to talk about movies from the 90s, I may as well start by discussing the maybe not the 4 best actors of the decade, but definitely the 4 best supporting actors of the decade. OH A BOLD STATEMENT!! DUH!DUH!DUH! Now, what I realized when I re-watched Do the Right Thing for my umpteenth time is that it was the first movie I watched in my youth that turned out to be a classic. I was listening to bands like Poison and Ratt at the time, so it's nice to see something from my youth, still be excellent today. In many ways, Spike Lee's joint was the first sign of me maturing as a film watcher. All it took was Radio Raheem blaring "Fight the Power" over and over again and I was hooked. Hell, I've even given Spike Lee a free pass for over 20 years now because of that movie. It was also the first time I got to see John Turturro, and unbeknownst to me at the time, it would set off a chain reaction of a group of guys finding themselves supporting some of the decade's greatest movies.

Even though I didn't see Miller's Crossing until my adult years, it's kind of neat that it's become my first 90s movie to discuss. Not only does it have a phenomenal John Turturro in it, but it has another one of the great supporting actors of the decade, Steve Buscemi. Also at this time, Phillip Seymour Hoffman began making a name for himself in the HOOA! Alpa Chino movie, and in a few years William H. Macy would star in Fargo which would be the peak of his career. All four of these actors would intersect, yet, there'd never be a time all four would appear in the same movie, though The Big Lebowski was awful close. Also, the 3 best directors of the 90s, the Coens, Tarantino and P.T. Anderson would use these guys as much as they could.

Let me give some partial lists for these actors, and what they did in the 90s:


Mo Better Blues; Miller's Crossing; Barton Fink; Jungle Fever; Quiz Show; Clockers; Rounders; He Got Game; The Big Lebowski; Summer of Sam.

It's too bad I can't count Do the Right Thing or O Brother, Where Art Thou? on that list, but you can see how much Spike Lee and the Coen Bros. loved him.


Miller's Crossing; Barton Fink, Reservoir Dogs, The Hudsucker Proxy; Pulp Fiction; Billy Madison; Fargo, Con Air; The Big Lebowski; The Wedding Singer; Armageddon; Big Daddy

So he's got the Coens and Tarantino for good movies and then gets to do blockbusters and apparently Adam Sandler loves his ass.


Scent of a Woman; Twister; Boogie Nights; The Big Lebowski; Magnolia; The Talented Mr. Ripley

He was more successful in the Aughts than the previous two, but he has the Coens and P.T. Anderson loving him. It's too bad Almost Famous doesn't qualify either, which would come out in 2000.


Fargo; Air Force One; Boogie Nights; Wag the Dog; Pleasantville; A Civil Action; Magnolia

He's got a great Coen Brothers movie and some P.T. Anderson as well.

Now that I've laid it all out there, you can see how they all tie in together, but Turturro has never been in a movie with Macy. The trick now is, getting all these guys in the same movie. They can all still act well too. Let's go Coen Bros, or Tarantino, or maybe even P.T. Anderson. You guys can do it!!!!

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