I swear i'll be writing more in 2014

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, it's that time of year. Girl scout cookies are here, which more importantly means, Edy's Tagalong Ice Cream is here, and if you are an ice cream person (stop me, when I pass you by ... all my flavors are guaranteed (isn't weird how the "u" following a "q" rule sometimes applies to a "g" as well) to satisfy ... oh David Lee Roth, you and Steven Tyler took McJagger's sexual innuendo and brought it to new levels!) I highly recommend getting it while it's out because trust me, this is a once a year occurrence. It's the Haley's Comet of ice cream if you divide the comet's appearance by 75 or 76.

Additionally well is I was greeted by an email from my boss this morning that his daughter's Girl Scout cookies had arrived. It seems like a few weeks ago, the promise of Girl Scout Cookies and Barack Obama money would arrive in weeks and how good those days would be. Here's the conversation:

Boss: How many boxes did you order?
Zach (me): I don't remember, prolly 'round 4.
Boss: Says here you ordered 7.
Moi: Wow. I just remember I ordered 25 dahras worth.
Boss: Yeah, it's only 24.50 for 7.
Moi: Nice.

So now, I have 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and the flavors are ...

1 box of Thin Mints of course (some people may go 2 here)
1 box of Lemon Chalet Cremes (gotta go with those lemon ones, they're surprisingly good)
1 box of Samoas (not to be confused with Samoans)
1 box of Thank U Berry Much (have to go with the new flavor (always), especially when the Girl Scouts of America have run so low on ideas they start naming new flavors like Ben and Jerry (or the corporation that owns them) would. Ben and Jerry evolved the naming new flavors thing to a whole new level, and the Girl Scouts are aware of this.
1 box of Peanut Butter Cremes (the Nutter Butters of the Girl Scout World)
2 boxes of Tagalongs.

If you don't think Tagalongs are the best Girl Scout Cookie, you may as well join the Taliban.