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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: First Blood

Every now and then when I watch a movie, I have flashbacks to my video game playing days, particularly, playing Vice City or San Andreas. Whosever played those games knows every now and then, you have to go on a nice killing spree. It starts off so simple to. You accidentally run into a cop car and you get a 1 star wanted level. It's no big deal though, so you can keep going on with your business. You continue on your mission, then boom, accidentally run over cop. Now you've got two stars and cops are all over you. Being an expert at the game though, you can still deal. Unfortunately though, you start this mission where you need to chase somebody but there's just too much heat to do it and the mission fails. Now, you still have all these cops all over you and you're basically back to being a drifter. This is the point of no return. This is when you say, "fuck it" and just start mowing down la policia. Before you know it, your wanted level is 6 stars and you're on the roof of some building shooting police helicopters out of the sky with a rocket launcher while tanks are pursuing you on the ground. All you did was accidentally bump into a cop car.

This is pretty much the tale of John Rambo. All he wanted to do was find his Vietnam War buddy and he ran into a bad sheriff that wanted him out of town because the sheriff didn't like drifters. He decided not to leave town and was brought into the police station on vagrancy. He busts out of the police station and steals a motorbike; two stars; enters the woods and kills a cop; three stars; maims a ton of cops that are looking for him; four stars … next thing you know, he's blowing up buildings downtown and it's a six star scenario. All he wanted to do was grab a bite to eat, and he was pushed a little too far. Poor guy.

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