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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning - Bright Eyes

Now that I'm looking at my list, I must be on crack. I'm saying that Bright Eyes released an album better than Jacket, the Flaming Lips, the Shins, Spoon, Suffy, the Strokes, MIA ... I mean, really, am I that thick in the head over this one?

Thing is, I love a good singer songwriter, and the songs, the structure versus the lyrics are perfection here. This would be a good Bob Dylan album. Sure Conor is a little bit of a douchebag, but to me a great songwriter, don't you have to be? Don't you have to completely invest all your qualities into your art no matter how douchy they may be?

If there's one album where I've related to the lyrics time ... and time again, it's this one. Sure Tweedy or Mercer may be a little deeper. Sure Isaac may be a little more remorseful, but Oberst came up aces over kings here.

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