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Friday, November 13, 2009

10. It Still Moves - My Morning Jacket

I bought this CD and pawned it. That's how much I didn't like the over-reverbed voice of Jim James in the beginning. I also knew them as some band DMB got signed to his label. I did like "Run Thru" and "One Big Holiday" right off the bat, and somehow though "Golden" sounded like a DMB ripoff song. I love how wrong I can be. It's beautiful.

After a wonderful concert experience ... OO! Here we go, best Concerts of the Aughts ...

10. The G Love Experience

I say this because, it's more of an experience to go to a G Love show, than it is going to a concert. That experience is this, it's somehow always a great time. Maybe G has found that perfect blend of music where you don't care about the music it all, but it's good enough to want to go with all your friends to a concert where you know you're not "dying" to hear the music, but you just wanna hang out at a concert where you know he's eventually going to say, "She's got sauce. Your baby ain't sweet like mine."

9. The Hold Steady Experience

Maybe they can become that new band. The 3rd time I saw them, I had no problems missing any of the songs, and enjoyed the relative ease to get a drink, and just hang out elsewhere during the show.

8. The Dave Matthews Band in West Palm Beach

I can't say I remember the show too much, but just the circumstances of the event that took place. It was spontaneous, and about meeting a new girl, and an old friend lending me something like 70 bucks just so I could get off work and go with my new friends. Sometimes, it's not the actual music of the show see. I do remember a kickass version of "One Sweet World" being played though.

7. Radiohead in West Palm Beach

Sadly, I was just too far away to really get into this, and I didn't really know them nearly as well as I know them now, so I couldn't fully appreciate it. I remember many of debates on proper times to listen to the band you're actually seeing as to before and after.

6. Pearl Jam at the Ice Palace

I forget which friend at the time scored "tickets" to this show, but it's probably best they go nameless. I loved seeing Eddie Vedder look happy and enjoying life and it gave me a newfound respect for one of the 90s better bands. He made it. He was going to be okay. It wasn't so certain before Kurt died. Great show. They freaking rocked it!

5. Toast at the Dubliner

The cold show. Maybe it's because we have it on tape or what not, but looking back on the glory days (how much you wanna bet I can throw that football of those mountains?), this is probably my favorite of the bunch.

4. Medeski, Martin and Wood

Two. Even though I was having a tough time getting into my first "Dropper" show, I drove to Gainesville in the Sentra with Joe, Dillon and Erica. D & E didn't have tickets and ended up missing the show. The second time I saw them doing a "Dropper" show was much better. I was ready for all the changes and what not. They also kicked ass at Langerado.

3. Wilco

Two. The simple fact I got to see these guys at the Tampa Theater will rival any concert experience for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I really only knew Yankee Hotel I believe at the time, so I didn't know most of the songs. Jeff Tweedy and the gang were all sitting outside their bus, right outside the Hub btw, and just hanging out and talking with everyone. They probably don't do that any more. I also got to see them at the Performing Arts Center which was also grand.

2. The Modest Mouse Experience

About 200 people at the Orpheum. Isaac cracking wise to anybody who made a request and being a surly asshole and playing a great couple shows. Phenomenal. Another venue vs. band dynamic that will rival anything I see from here on in.

1. My Morning Jacket

Of course. I've been over Langerado a billion times since the show, so need to discuss anymore. That's best for reminiscing in person. Oh, and the House of Blues was pretty good to despite the fact that it's a horrible place to see a how. Horrible.

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