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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Godfather Death List

In order to commemorate my favorite movie of all time, let's start with the ...


1. The Horse

That poor poor horse.

2. Luca Brasi (sleeps with the fishes)

Too bad, I would've liked to see the damage he caused.

3. Paulie

The rat fuck set Vito up.

4. Virgil Sollozzo

5. Captain McCluskey

Boy those two were certainly surprised. Thank god Michael didn't come out of the bathroom with just his dick in his hand.

6. Frank Tattaglia

Sure it's off screen, but it's pretty big news.

7. Sonny Corleone

If only he didn't have a temper.

8. Appolinia

She was beautiful too and SO MUCH of a less wet blanket than Kay. If he could've brought her back to the states, he would've been so much better off.

9. Vito Corleone

So sad when he dies, but really, the man got shot in the back 8 times and lived. Even Paul Pierce is jealous.

10. Cueno - who? one of the heads of the 5 families)

11. Moe Green - made his bones when you were going out with cheerleaders

12. Stracci - another family head

13. Bruno Tattaglia - cheap pimp

14. Barzini - it was Barzini all along

15. Tessio

This one was sad because you love Abe Vigoda. It brings tears to my eyes at the end of Part 2 when he's there with the family again in the flashback scene. That scene is brutal.

16. Carlo

What a scumbag. What I don't get is why Carlo fingers Barzini in the end? He has to know they're all dead and it's useless at that point. Oh well.


  1. Body count is incorrect. #6 Bruno Tataglia,#12a Stracci bodyguard in elevator, #12b Third passenger in Stracci elevator. #13 Philip Tataglia #13a Tataglia's whore, #14a Barzini's chaffeur, #14b Barzini's bodyguard

    1. 3 hours and only 16 deaths! Jack Bauer kills more than that in a 1 hour episode and with commercials it's on 43 minutes!

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