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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dr. Zhivago or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Not Care About the Ending

Dr. No; Dr. Strangelove and now Dr. Zhivago. 3 doctor movies in the span of as many years. That probably was the hip thing to do in the early 60s to the point hippies became inevitable.

Zhivago, like many classics, is one of those movies I've always felt I "must see." Most of the time, there's a reason and I'm amazed, seeing why a movie is a classic. Sure I don't think Casablanca is worth all the hype, but it's still a good movie, but this one? You know how many smart Americans didn't go see Transformers 2: Gettin Primevil On Yo' Ass because it was way too long just to see cool special effects? Well, take out the special effects and you have Zhivago. Unfortunately, like many classics as well, I felt like I just had to dig a little deeper and keep going with it.

... Oh! Someone just said, "Poetry is no more than indication of good health, what you need is a good job." Despite the fact it makes fun of one my greatest passions, that's freaking hilarious. It's so true! Maybe this movie can be good yet!

... Here we are, in another country, and everyone is speaking English. I'm trying to think of a movie where this actually works and off the top of my head, I can't, but I'm sure it's not the case. It's just such a shame that American's attention spans are so small, that reading while watching a movie deters many-a-movie-goer. Here's the thing though with subtitles, by having to read, aren't you missing a movies nuisances? How can you tell how good the cinematography is when your trying to read what Boris has to say to Katrina? What's nice is the more intelligent movie goers can do this all in one swoop. Sure, they may not be able to see Nikoli's facial reactions in the background, but the further one gets up the tower of intelligence, the more one can sit there and absorb many nuisances at once. I cannot. That's why multiple viewings are so necessary, and ultimately, why subtitles are better than translations. Ever try watching Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon, without the subtitles? It loses all it's magic (though still much better than a picture like this).

... Someone just called someone a slut and proceeded to rape her, and her response was shooting him. I guess Billie Jean was right and fair is fair. This scene makes the movie better for a little while.

... I don’t understand what this movie is doing, that Gone With the Wind didn’t already do. Sometimes movies become so transparent you can literally see movie executives making pitches and saying things like, "Ok, let's take Gone With the Wind, and set it in Bolshevik Revolution Russia!" This is one of those movies.

... Alec Guiness! Again! I thought I felt a soothing affect on my soul.

... It’s probably not a good sign for a movie when you’re hoping disc 2 doesn’t work. Fortunately in my 30s, I've learned to give up on movies as I did once I realized I was hoping something I purchased was broken. Freakin' Lawrence of Arabia was 3 plus hours in a desert, and it somehow worked, and this one wasn't even close. Years from now, I'd go on to find out this is indeed a chickflick. Hunh.

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