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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Death Blog

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to be watching CNN all night. I haven't even poured a glass of wine yet.

First off ... LA Times and AP says he's dead. CNN says COMA

They've already started interviewing fans, which is classic.

Celebrities opinions I want to hear:
Culkin, Janet, Tito, Madonna (for some reason) ...

Farrah Fawcett = Thunder Stolen

I forgot about LaToya ... poor LaToya

I love how CNN keeps sayings MICHAEL JACKSON HAS DIED according to the LA Times

"Michael Jackson's songs challenged the status quo"

... We are the World!

What's Obama going to say!!!! So much CNN must be watched tonight

Jackson 7-7:30

I have a glass of wine now which is nice.

Michael Jackson doesn't strike me as someone who would be able to be resuscitated from cardiac arrest.

If he is in a coma, this is going to be a loooooooooooooooooong story.

Oh, I forgot about Jermaine Jackson too!!!!

Jermaine, LaToya, and Randy are at the hospital. Janet and Tito? Who knows.

On a lighter note, Gay Rights Activists aren't too happy to hear that a Gay Exorcism was performed. I think that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. If your group is going to get worked up over something so ignorant and ridiculous, maybe your group is doing more harm than good.

Zach Taylor just confirmed that Randy Jackson the brother is not one in the same as Randy Jackson, that incredibly obese black man from American Idol

Coma = Michael Shiavo jokes

Dude did Thriller. I mean FUCKING THRILLER!!!!

The glitter glove and the red leather jacket (7:20)

Of course the guy from TMZ has to have wavy spikey hair. "Hey, you work for TMZ now! Highlights! Spikes! Act gay!"

Seriously, when you look at him. C'mon. This really isn't too surprising. Now that's it's over, his skin just makes him look so sickly. Something we always made fun of him for was such a serious health issue. Crazy.

7:24 CNN Confirms Death ... very sad ... News Conference in 2 hours ...

I'm incredibly bummed about this. AND FARRAH FAWCETT!!! Two absolutely iconic 80s people at the absolute top of their respective professions ... dead. Very sad.

Jackson 7:30 - 8

CNN's confirmation seems so final.

I wonder if CNN waited so long just to keep people watching. I've already muted it, and threw on Thriller. I'm quite bummed though. Can't believe I'm this bummed out over Michael Jackson. It seems lately that the celebs that have been dying have been more on my side of those that have some sort of relevance to my life. The Wilco guy, the Kill Bill guy ... I mean, I've actually enjoyed watching these people entertain.

Uh, CNN is showing the clip of the ambulance backing up again!!!!! (Worst clip ever)

The whole celebrity death extravaganza, and why I get so evil over it is because THANK GOD IT'S THEM AND NOT THE PEOPLE WE REALLY CARE ABOUT!!!! Bob Dylan is going to die one day. Mick and Keith will die one day. Robert DeNiro will die one day. All of those very import celebs that entertained us so well as we've been growing up will all die, and though sad, really shouldn't matter that much.

I can't believe Michael Jackson is dead.

7:39 ... More like the Jackson 4 ...

Lisa Marie Presley ...

Does Paul McCartney get the rights to the Beatles catalog again? That would be nice. I'm really in no mood to dwell on the bad of Michael's life, but McCartney owning the rights to his own songs would be a pretty good thing.

I can't belive Michael Jackson is dead.

One of the best moments of unintentional comedy ever is Michael versus Paul in "The Girl is Mine" ... yes, I'm listening to the song right now.

50 years old. Outlived by Garcia and Keith Richards ... how bad are drugs exactly?

Outlived by Larry King ... who's on now. Guess I'll put the sound back on ... well, as soon as Thriller (the song) is over. I wonder what Jeff Tweedy thinks about MJ's demise.

I WANT CELEBRITIES OPINIONS!!! It's so much better when they say, "He'll be missed" rather than when some random person waiting around the hospital does.

Biggest Unexpected Celebrity Deaths of My Life (Post-Lennon of course because I barely remember that).

Jerry Garcia; Kurt Cobain ... drawing a blank, but a lot of the people I'm thinking of weren't too surprising like George Harrison, the Pope, Johnny Cash, Allen Ginsberg

Sound back on.

Larry King thinks the stories next week will be horror stories. I disagree. He's going to get a free pass. People usually do when they die.

We are the World was written by MJ and ... LIONEL RITCHIE!!!

This starting to get boring. As Rick Pitino would say, "Michael Jackson's not walking through that door!"

Brother's dead.

I don't care what CNN's reporters thoughts are. I need either celebrities or random people off the street. I turn the sound back on prematurely. Back to ... "Beat it"

Wow, the NBA draft is tonight, and the Magic traded Courtney Lee for Vince Carter. Why does it feel like the Magic got the worse end of that?

I could start blogging the NBA draft and I probably rip off Bill Simmons enough already.

Oh, and Hawk Crest Wine ... not that good.

Last Thought on the Subject

Of all the iconic figures who have died prematurely, MJ inspired people to dance more than the others. Looking at all this footage, people are dancing. When Jerry died, it was a bunch of hippies smoking doobies ... when Lennon died, well I was too young to remember, but Lennon didn't inspire people to dance. Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix may have inspired people to dance while on acid or something but no, that wasn't their bag. I can't think of anyone who's ever inspired people to dance like MJ. We've all done the moonwalk. We've all grabbed our crotch and said EEEHEE! It runs in the family. Without his sister, the chair story doesn't happen. People want to make him the King of Pop and make him synonymous with the perfect single and what not, but it's a much greater compliment to realize what he truly did, and that's make people want to dance. No one will ever want to make us dance like MJ did.

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