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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 5 Greasers of All-Time

5. That dude in Biff's crew from Back to the Future

It's kind of a vague memory for me right now, but I do remember someone pretty greasy in this movie, and no I don't mean an Ay-talian.

4. Kiefer Sutherland in Stand By Me

Long before he was Jack Bauer, or the sensitive cowboy who rode with Emilio Estevez, or the guy who says, "That's what I like about you Navy boys, any time there's a war on, you fellas always give us a lift" in the "You Can't Handle the Truth!" movie, he was the mean bully in Stand By Me that stole Gordie's Hat. That was a mean crew of Greasers.

By the way, my heart goes out to the Bauer family, I pray he pulls through. Something tells me it's going to take alot more than a terrorist chemical weapon to destroy Jack Bauer.

3. The Cast of the Outsiders

I really can't pick one more than the other. They were greasy as hell, and also seemed poorer and more genuine than other greasers. Greasers don't strike me as a "My parents have a ton of money bunch"

2. James Dean

I guess he's the originator, but his parents were quite well-off in "Rebel Without a Cause" so it doesn't make much sense. He also didn't really have any Greasy friends, and don't Greasers travel in packs? If I were in college nowadays, I'd probably do my thesis on Greaser Behavior.

1. The Fonz

It's gotta be the Fonz. Sure, he's not the greasiest, but who's cooler than the Fonz? Remember that guy that poured mustard on his jacket? That dude had balls.

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