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Monday, October 1, 2007

Football Roundup

Wow, what a great weekend for football, and necessary to because well, The Bucs have to go to Indy this weekend, and Seattle travels to Pittsburgh, which is very much a rematch of the Super Bowl a couple years ago, complete, with home-field referee bias and everything.

It all started Friday, with Tampa's newest Professional Sports Franchise, the USF Bulls, beating the West Virginia Deliverance Rape Scene Re-Enacters. "You sure got a purty mouth!" As the weeks go by, I'm enjoying college football more and more. With all the bad NFL stories, be it dogkillers, humankillers, wire-tappers, and what not, college seems a little less tainted. I can't think of anything more miserable the Randy Moss and Bill Belicheat going 16-0 and winning another Super Bowl, and Randy Moss with his, "In Yo' Face" attitude because we started doubting him. He sucked, or worse yet, didn't try for two years and now the media is the bad guy. What a fuckhead, really. If someone breaks one of his legs, it would be the opposite of how I feel about the Bucs losing Cadillac and Petigout for the season.

Speaking of the Bucs, the defense is back, and Jeff Garcia is the best QB I've ever seen play here in Tampa Bay. Ike Hilliard has now earned the right to no longer be referred to "Keyshawn" (they both wear/wore 19 for the Bucs). Still, I believe the Bucs can absorb these two key losses. Cadillac isn't that bad of a loss, because we have RBs, but you never ever ever ever wanna lose your starting left tackle, because if Jeff Garcia goes down, season over.

Seattle on the other hand, didn't lose any key players in their victory and I still think they'll represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. They didn't come out of the gate strong, but they're a botched hand-off away from being 4-0 right now.

Best yet, is the Gators loss. Seeing Florida college football teams have been poor at best lately, it's nice the Gators won the BCS last year so there's annoying douchebag Gator fans everywhere, because, when they lose. It's Fun!

For instance, during many taunts in their general direction Saturday night, they believed me when I said I truly felt the Bulls D would hold them to -3 points. Yeah, really, the Bulls are sooooo good, they can make another opposing offense lose points. Yeah, that's what I believe. Oh, and yeah, a college team comprised of kids 18-22 years old could beat a professional team led by Peyton Manning, in Indianapolis. Sure. I said it so I must have meant it. My guess is that average Gator fan has a sports IQ of -20. But hey, atleast you're not getting tased.

Great weekend of Football. Go Bucs. Go 'Hawks. Go Bulls.

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