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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Friday Five

Top Five Things I'd Want My Youssif T-Shirt To Say

Number 5. "I survived Youssif's facial reconstruction surgery"
Number 4. "Youssif, Isif, We all sif, for you youssif ..."

Wow, okay, I'm sorry about that. Horrible. Just horrible. See, that's a good example of something I would never write if I weren't trying to kill time in blog form. Just for that, I'm going to have to do a new #4.

Number 4. "Jihad on Youssif!"

These may not be that funny, but they're fun.

Number 3. "Youssif Isn't a Fireman, But He Likes the Hoes!"

Ha Ha Ha. My friend Shannon's daughter has this shirt, well, except for the Youssif part. I think it says Daddy instead.

Number 2. "Youssif Gets More Ass Than a Toilet Seat"

Okay, I've obviously googled "Funny T-Shirts" by now because I'm out of ideas. I'll try to be original for numero uno.

Hmmm ... "Y is for Youssif" ... nah.
"I'm with Youssif" with an arrow pointing to my right? Look, now Dilly's Youssif!

I guess #1 would have to be ...

"My Youssif Could Beat the Crap Out of Your Honor Student" ... oh wait, that's a bumper sticker. Nevermind.

"Free Youssif!"
"Bask in your Yousiff Crime"

Man, this is hard. I guess I'm going to bail with this one.

Number 1. "Don't Tase Me, Youssif!"

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